- User Journey

- Low Fidelity Wireframes

- Task Analysis

- Prototyping

- Interaction & Visual Design


Our team designed a unique cryptocurrency lending platform for Lendroid. Kutung's UX wizards came up with interfaces and logic for different types of transactions. The end result was a stunning UI, intuitive in nature, addressing all needs.

Getting the logic right

Our team worked closely with the domain and tech guys to explore and validate the types of transactions possible with this currency type.

Information architecture & modules

Breaking down the information and identifying modules from a logic perspective to ensure each task/feature is clearly managed for users to keep track of their actions.

Modular structure with maximum utilisation of space

Utilisation of white space with elements are key to efficient layout design. Once the modules were planned, the team came up with a site that was structured to allow maximum utilisation for critical tasks.

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