Test Early. Test Often.

The only way to find out if it really works is to test it.

How we work \\

Heuristic Evaluation

In a heuristic evaluation, our usability experts review your site’s interface and compare it against industry-accepted usability principles(heuristics). The analysis results in a list of potential usability issues and workflow issues in the user interface (UI) design which are then categorized according to their severity of impact on user performance or acceptance.

Research shows that heuristic evaluation identifies most of the usability issues with user testing identifying any remaining issues. Hence, it is recommended that both methods be used.

Typically, one would first perform a heuristic evaluation to clean up the interface and remove as many "obvious" usability problems as possible. After a redesign of the interface, it would be subjected to user testing both to check the outcome of the iterative design step and to find remaining usability problems that were not picked up by the heuristic evaluation.

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Usability Testing

It’s easy to think big when it comes to web design or advert structure – but user testing is just as important for the smallest of details. How sentences are structured, the type of language that’s used, the findability of information and key words are just as important as how the pages are designed and structured.

At Kutung, we can test whether users are reading particular content, or if they are missing it altogether. We can see if something else on the page is distracting them or drawing them away from the written content and see what effect and what opinions users form from reading the content.

One of the advantages of usability testing is that you can see what users are reacting to on a much more micro level.

User Experience Testing

Test early & test often

Giving your users a top-notch experience is key to increasing conversions and boosting retention, so it's vital that you understand their needs.

A great customer experience strategy can give you a clear competitive advantage. We have all the skills to make sure your customer experience strategy is successful.

Testing the design of user interaction with a system, product or service, considering the usability, the experiential nature, the enjoyment and the fit to the way users think. Focusing not just only on what the users say, but also on what the user cannot express verbally. Our team utilise state of the art equipment to uncover all aspects of the experience.

We conduct these tests by observing and analyzing the user’s

  • Eye tracking movements
  • Attention tracks
  • Task and reaction measurement
  • Observation Studies where observers monitor the participant's reactions such as facial and other gestures, the tone of voice or other body language cues.

Mobile User Experience Testing

The mobile user experience is qualitatively different from that of a desktop site; from the usability issues associated with smaller screen sizes, limited/unique input methods (finger or stylus, not mouse/keyboard) to contending with constant connectivity disruptions. Given the considerable obstacles users have to contend with, the mobile user journey needs to be as streamlined as possible to counter these.

Our services will help you to maximise your mobile spend by

  • Identifying common user tasks
  • Testing journeys

Lab rental

Our usability lab at Adyar, Chennai is fully equipped and is suited for individual and group sessions. The lab design is flexible, allowing user testing of applications, websites, paper prototypes, documentation, and hand-held devices, as well as sessions with whiteboard activities. All sessions could be digitally recorded.

The adjoining observation room provides a view of the lab through a window and comfortably seats up to six people with a projector and access to all the screens and the lab itself.

Facility \\

  • Observer Room

  • Testing Lab

  • Lab Area