Service Design


Only in-depth understanding of users will lead to great design

We use various data gathering techniques during our user research phase. This could include Interviews, usability testing, focus groups and study on their ethnography. Though there is a formula to it - you need to define it in the right way - That’s why we claim it to be a combination of art and science.


Map your customers’ journey to deliver exceptional experience.

Personas provide you a starting point in creating customer journey maps. Whatever goal is defined to be achieved - this helps in mapping it out clearly step by step. Key points like their motivation and emotions are factors that influences users decision in completing the task.

This is key to gaining competitive advantage as it provides space to understand what you are offering to your user.


It’s the smaller details that makes all the difference.

With business goals on one side and user needs on the other - We closely work with the business in co-creating new ideas that helps in improving the services offered and thereby bringing value to both the customer and the users. What we define as a classic prism where everyone benefits.

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