Measure twice. Cut once.

We believe the old carpenter's adage is just as true in the digital production process.

Our penchant for lengthy prep work has kept some clients on the edge, but fortunately it's always a happy ending!

Some of our clients include (in no particular order):

How we work \\

We start at the very beginning- before the goals and objectives become carved in stone and help brainstorm a realistic outcome. This becomes a foundation for the prep work that follows.

  • Identify

    To start with, we audit the current workflow- both offline and online and identify areas for optimization. At the end of this stage we publish the findings.
  • Engage

    we conduct workshops to brainstorm with users & stakeholders on how the interaction process works and translate them into workflow sequences. These sequences are published as use cases.
  • Execute

    At this stage we create sketches and wireframes and get users to run some taskflows. We then start the design process and add all the bells and whistles. This stage is highly iterative.