Like Germans and their machines, we are mad about our interfaces.

We help companies work closely with their customers and create experiences they love. Our processes are focussed on a positive outcome for your user-by constantly working on flattening the learning curve in every transaction.


Ayaz Ahmed

After 12 years of designing interfaces for various mediums - In 2012, Ayaz joined Kutung as a partner. With an HCI background, he is at the core of understanding user behaviour and crafting solutions that not only look good but works good.

Core values


We believe usability is at the heart of a great brand and constantly tinker to make every transaction a delight. We employ design and technology in equal measure to achieve the user wow.


We strictly believe that life outside work is the real work. Late nights and meaningless deadlines are not welcome.


Open communication and close collaboration means everyone is in the know. If you're on slack - you'd love us.


We strictly believe that life outside work is the real work. Late nights and meaningless deadlines are not welcome.


India's 20 most promising UX companies 2016

Our journey



2010BirthStarting out as a XHTML chop shop, it was a thought experiment in real life- can a business sustain with all components working remotely? 600 projects from clients across 34 countries gave us a resounding validation.


Fixing a base

2012Fixing a base After working remote the core team of 6 designers switched to a synchronous work mode- basically took up a office and a couple of bean bags- to work on design projects and conduct usability audits.



2013Consulting4 major retainer sign-ups within the same year scaled the team size to 20 with 4 coders joining us.


The Lab

2014The LabWell we moved into our "Lab". An Office space we designed ourselves. Open office to accommodate 60. Oh yes- the new office also had an actual usability lab so it was not just in the name.


New Horizons

2016New HorizonsProjects from multiple geographies meant our consultants were constantly traveling. Never looking to expand with local offices and vertical scaling we continue anchored at our Chennai office.


New experiments

2018New experimentsThere's actually a good reason we have the Lab in the name. We're constantly experimenting on new engagement models and service offerings as the market evolves rapidly.

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