We are Kutung.
A UX design agency helping companies to work closely with their customers.

We analyse your customer experiences and help you design services that really match their needs, behaviours and motivation.

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More the user data.
Better the product outcome.

From card sorting to prototype test and user personas. User research pays off earlier than usual.

The Kutung way


UX practice
can't be in-house.
Design can.

We work with your design team closely to develop digital prototypes and iterate to ensure it's customer oriented and experience is aligned.

Our design process


How about a 2 day
trial UX sprint to see
it happening?

Our design consultants are available 'On tap" to fix your product from an experience design perspective. Let's solve that one thing to begin with.

Consultants on tap


Ideas to wireframes.
Wireframes to design.
= Sure fire win.

Get a feel of your product with all its features in a fortnight. You don’t have to wait till the product development is complete.

Our design process